Breakfast, my favourite meal!

So, starting the day, not always the easiest task, but luckily for me I just rather love breakfast so I am always pretty happy to eat it at least! I am probably a little boring when it comes to breakfast variety, but when you find something you love, why change??

IMG_3133 2.JPGToday like most days is some variety of fruit (today mango and a few grapes with some blueberries on top), however the type of fruit changes a lot, ie. I am over here in summer now so making the summer fruit! At home in NZ my winter breakfasts were more like kiwifruit and thawed out frozen berries, so you just have to make the most of what ever you can get hold of! On top of that is Greek yoghurt, the real stuff, not this silly 0% fat nonsense, pretty sure it didn’t come out of the cow at 0%… The less it has been messed with the better in my books.

My favourite at home is the Cyclops (thick and creamy 🙂 ), just any yogurt that is natural, no added sugar, and still nice and creamy, after all I do need enough energy to get through the day.  I top this off with a few mixed nuts, walnuts – A great source of Omega 3’s, almonds, a brazil nut if I have any (1.5 brazil nuts every day gives you the required amount of selenium in your diet), cashews – I am quite fond of cashews, but I know they are not quite as much of a super-nut as the others! But they taste so good! A little sprinkle of cinnamon (which I generally forget) tops it off rather perfectly as well.

And thats pretty much it, quick, easy, tasty and damn well nutritious!

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