Well, a door closed – now a very different one opens…

I have the opportunity to return back to NZ in the next few months, and start what I can only describe as a ‘real job’ in November.

I have known it was a possibility for a while… Two roads diverge and all. But it’s a little more real when you actually get the offer.

I don’t really know how to feel about it, anyone I talk to outside of yachting says it is a brilliant opportunity, a way into a good company at a higher level than I would usually be able to find – given my extreme lack of real jobs over the years. I would finally be using that business degree (that I am still two papers away from finishing), as well as many of the transferable skills I have learnt along the way.

It is just a completely different way of life though isn’t it, I am going to come across as a spoilt athlete here – but the idea of 8.30-5pm every single day without fail just freaks me out a bit. I’m sure it will actually be very interesting and cerebrally stimulating, which would be a nice change – however it is such a different lifestyle to comprehend! Don’t even get me started on work clothes, I mean, what are work clothes? I do know most of you out there manage these scary aspects just fine, so it must be doable.

Seems strange but I find the idea of committing to a ‘normal’ job much scarier than trying to do a race around the world…

There is also the fact that I would need to head back to NZ soon, without having completed what I set out to do – the VOR. With 6 months of great memories to show for it – but not that feeling of having ticked it off. It also feels like having to start from scratch again at home.. buying a car, finding somewhere to live again, furniture, all those basics… I’m not sure why that part feels so heavy to me… I guess I wanted to come back having achieved everything I set out to do! I’m fussy that way 🙂

Also the thought of moving back to the other side of the world to PJ is definitely not helping make things simple.

But I do honestly believe that everything happens for a reason… So this too can be good.

I know there are still possibilities for doing the VOR with other teams, but not at the level that Brunel would have been. So I am undecided in whether or not to chase it for the sake of doing it… I do I want to try and do something next that really utilizes a wider variety of my skills, and still unclear if VOR ticks enough boxes.

The other question mark for me about the VOR – that I am not sure my body would hold up to 8 months of sailing around the world. I pushed so hard in the years to Rio, and had consistent low level infections for the last two years of that campaign – I have done some recovering in the last year – but it still feels like a very slow process, and I know I am not back to full health yet.

Then again I also don’t think that would stop me if I took that path! As I really can push through anything if I want to get something done!

Decisions, decisions… For now just working on building a clear picture of my options to help make my decisions, and looking for some fun coaching or sailing work over the next few months to keep me going!


One Reply to “Options…”

  1. All the Best Jo. There will be Even Greater Opportunities in the Near Future. Remember You are Already Very Successful.


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