Back in NZ

It’s a strange feeling arriving back in New Zealand, 6 months away – Yes, I know, not actually that long, but the longest I have ever been away in one go! I guess I expected a little more to change back here, but it just really doesn’t…  Ahh, the beauty of a small country very far away 🙂

After a lovely midnight arrival, followed by lack of sleeping due to a very confused time zone state, I had a day of starting to sort things out… Get a car, order a bed.. The simple things!! I walked around Takapuna, in the area where I will be living for the next while, checking out the house I have just rented – which I really need to fill with flatmates asap to make it affordable!

It is a nice area and something very new, a solid base to call home… The real challenge is to find a way to actually make this feel like home again, especially with being back on the opposite side of the world to PJ – not something I enjoy very much. Sometimes I guess you have to take a step backwards to take a bigger step forwards, I think I am hoping that this new direction will be just that – An overall step forwards, into new challenges and opportunities…

As I was walking today, I caught a glimpse of Rangitoto – For those of you that don’t know Auckland, it is pictured below! It was the first thing today that really made me just stop and take it in. It seems that view, the sea, is what I associate with the feeling of NZ being home. I mean I have always liked the view, but have never seen it this clearly before! IMG_3495.JPG

It is lovely to see my mother, to be able to see friends I haven’t seen for 6-7 months, and try and catch up on all that has changed while I have been away – A fair few new babies to meet! But I was surprised by just seeing that island, it really struck me today. Or maybe I have just spent so much time in Holland that the notion of seeing a mountain/hill was rather astonishing!

In all those years of campaigning and travelling, I have never actually done something like this… Try and set up a real home, a base, somewhere I will actually live for a decent amount of time without flying away. So, new steps, thats what life is – right? If we don’t keep moving forwards and growing, then really what’s the point. May seem like a small step to anyone that just lives a more normal life, but after 12 years on the road, it feels like I am taking a rather grown up step! Hmm… wonder how long it lasts.

We will see…

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