It’s an interesting process, renting a house, setting it up, making a ‘home’, all very grown up things in my eyes – Things I have avoided in my life thus far 🙂

I have been back in NZ now for about three weeks, I have kept it rather hectic, trying to get settled as fast as possible. I’m not entirely good at being patient… What has surprised me is the little satisfactions I can take, making a nice dinner at the end of a day, baking some cookies and crackers 🙂 Some days it is enough, but not every day…

It’s this strange in-between time, a month until I start work – With one trip to Mexico for the World Sailing Annual Meeting in early November as my last outing, as I am a part of the World Sailing Athletes Commission and there are quite a few big decisions to be made about the future direction of sailing this year. So basically I just don’t have so much to do, I get everyone telling me to make the most of it, as once I start work I will not have any of my own time! But I just don’t really know what to do! I will go and visit my dad down in Wairoa next week, and hopefully fit in a few epic walks that I have been wanting to do for years, but really I just like having something to wake up in the morning and get started on…

There are a variety of sailing associated things to take up some of my time, I am doing some coaching and was a selector at last weekends YNZ Youth Trials – A process that I mostly enjoyed but also frustrated the hell out of me as I once again got reminded of my own Olympics, where the structure that the jury and the rules are built around are in my opinion rather skewed. Anyway, something else to bring up in my role on the Athletes Commission, as too many of us feel the same way, but nothing has really changed in a long time.  It really feels like our sport needs to step into the 21st century in a few areas…

Frustrations aside, it has been nice to be back in New Zealand, to be around a little sailing again, but also realising through this all, that I am looking forward to a change. I just need some space from it all, I have had so much emotion, stress and feelings tied up in the sport of sailing for as long as I can remember. To be able to take a little distance just feels right for now. So I can replace those stresses with some new ones like how on earth I can make myself presentable for every single day at work! Ahhh! Some of those realities are kicking in! No more yoga kit and loungewear for my upcoming days, better make the most of it while I can 🙂

img_3771.pngThis period would probably be a little easier if I was back to full health, as I would be running and paddling every day, but these days the occasional session is enough, any more and I seem to pick up a cold or sinus infection… Yes of course I can do any exercise I want anyway 🙂 Pushing through is not an issue for me, but I am trying to be a bit smarter and really listen to my body… As frustrating as that can be! So for now its some nice beach walks, going to Yoga, and waiting until those days where I really feel a run is in the cards.

Day by day, thats what I have to remember. The advice that PJ and I tend to give each other as we both go through our little struggles, one day at a time, no point making things bigger than the need to be. No point trying to solve problems that you don’t yet have all the information needed to solve them with…

Just making sure that every day I do a few things that are just for me, taking some time to stop, and appreciate, to walk along the beach, to get some housework done (lawns are actually rather satisfying I have discovered), get my nails done with a friend, or send a message to someone I haven’t talked to in a while, the options are endless. But yes, it is a far cry from travelling the world, competing every few weeks, daily training and that grand sense of purpose that the Olympic Games so conveniently provides. So it is going to take a little getting used to…

3 Replies to “Settling..”

  1. Hi Jo, don’t really know you, but have always been of awe of you. Met you at RNZYS when you had the chance to display your Olmpic gold medal, I was so proud to hold it. My daughter Bianca is on the Volvo boat TTT on Plastic who has much admiration for you as does our other daughter Paige Cook who would love to have the chance to sail with you.if we could help support you in any way please contact us. Ian and Blanche Cook, aka Yachting Developments.


  2. Wairoa Yacht Club
    Hi Jo I see you are visiting your Dad here, we would love to see you all down at the club if you get a chance we don’t have sailing over Labour Weekend but will be back in action on the afternoon of the 29th. Please feel free to contact us if you are able. Warm regards Jill


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