Sometimes my mind just goes around in circles… I guess we all do that to varying degrees. Today, it is the ‘oh dear what am I doing’, watching everyone I know off all over the world, Japan, China, traveling… Living that exciting life.That was my routine for the last thirteen years, I was always the one in some random country trying to keep in touch with friends at home. Now I am going to be that person back in NZ, watching everyone else explore the world. Busy with ‘real life’ things like mowing the lawns and keeping the fridge stocked, and going to work every day…

I guess it’s quite normal to have some panic moments about this transition, it is going to be a rather huge change, just remember – this will be the first actual job I have ever had. So it’s not like I have prior experiences to fall back on. I guess I am trying to think of ways to add colour to this way of life, baking and doing things around the house and being able to catch up with people on a more regular basis are only going to get me so far.

Maybe planning holidays or things I want to do into my calendar will help? After all I have never really been able to do that while sailing! Trying to tick off a bunch of things I have been wanting to do like go skiing in Canada or Japan, and go Kiting in the Cook Islands, surf in Bali… you get the picture 🙂 I like active holidays…

Those thoughts do make me wonder if this is how work goes – you work so that you can afford to take holidays? Ha, well I am hoping I enjoy the work more than that! I guess it will be also figuring out my path in the corporate world – as once I have a challenge and a path to push down I am generally pretty happy! It’s going to be a learning process, that much is clear…

Keep calm and carry on, day by day, stop getting ahead of myself… That’s the plan for now… Stop trying to answer a bunch of questions I really can’t attempt to answer until I have some more information – Like actually try this new path for a little while!

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