Welcome to Work…

I have been working at Ernst & Young for 2 weeks now… And you know what? So far I am really enjoying it! A little to my surprise 🙂 It is a jump into something very new, there is an incredible amount of information to take on – and I can see that my rate of learning can continue like this for quite a while, which does rather excite me.

I have unsurprisingly started my work/life balance with a well thought out routine: Wake at 6 – walk/run down to Takapuna beach, occasionally running the stairs when I feel I have some extra energy, then back home to get ready for work. Then catching the ferry over to the city from Bayswater, which has been beautiful, especially nice to get some relaxed on the water time. All the while trying to stay active with weekly Beach series SUP races at Takapuna and then social Friday football, but for fun – not with the obsessive competitiveness that I used to approach such things with.

My actual time at work has been very interesting so far, starting with a ton of reading and E-learning, trying to absorb as much of the incredible vastness of information contained within EY’s various web portals and databases… I am pretty sure I could work there for years and still not have touched the surface of what is there! My acronym vocabulary is coming along nicely – I have a three page word document ‘dictionary’ just to keep track of them all!

Starting next week I am jumping straight in the deep end, going to work for EY at a Fonterra site just out of Auckland for four days a week. The specificities of exactly what I will be doing are still a work in progress, but I am backing myself on the fact that I can think on my feet and learn quickly!

I have also been learning all about ‘leave’ and such things, and weekends… I am actually amazed by the fact that it feels like I have so much more free time than I did when I was sailing. Of course, I don’t – evenings and weekends only, but I guess the difference is that I can now switch off completely, I don’t need to take work home anymore… And by the time I get to the weekend, it really feels like I can make the most of the time – Probably helped by the fact that we seem to be having the greatest start to summer I can ever remember!! It was 25 degrees today! Lovely.

This first month is going very quickly, and before I know it I will be making the most of my Christmas leave, heading off to Europe to see PJ for my first white Christmas (Or maybe just very cold, mildly wet Christmas – not sure how much snow there is in north Holland!).

So: summary, thus far I am really enjoying it, a little curious how long the enjoyment lasts, only time will tell – For now, I am just going to make the most of all the opportunities, and keep making the most of my free time. Enjoying being happy and satisfied with my days, even if it is just the little things like seeing Rangitoto in the morning on my walk, learning a few new things at work, or making a nice dinner and hanging out with the flatmates 🙂 Normal life huh… It’s not so bad.

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